Beer Cheese Colaboration

Wheels of Gouda cheese on sale at Gouda's chee...Image via Wikipedia

Had a few kegs in Dave’s backyard this weekend past. A good day was had by all including Dave, who “couldn’t even keep water down” on Sunday morning. Good to know that some things never change.

Both the wheat beer and the pale ale were enjoyed by all there just seemed to be not enough of us there to knock the kegs. Necessity is however the mother of invention. Dean from had brought along some of his haloumi cheese. Kind of a squeaky cheese that you fry on the BBQ. It was really good and salty as hell from the brine that it soaked in. And then the genius kicked in. Really salty cheese, too much beer. As Hannibal from the A Team would say “I love it when a plan comes together”.

Soaking Deans Haloumi in my wheat beer felt really good, looked slightly disturbing (Dean took a photo) and after a sampling really had no effect at all on the cheese, other than making it slightly sweeter. Perhaps we needed more time or a stronger beer (smoked porter, witt, stout?).

More beer and cheese collaborations will need to happen in the future I thinks. One more thing is Deans Cheese looked nothing at all like the attached photo. Deans looked more like home made soap (and that’s not meant to be a bad thing). The man in the white coat could however be future Dean selling what looks to be giant vitamin C pills.

Cheers D

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