Grey Import Beers – the customer is king

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The whole grey import beers issue is a complete load of bull shit created by fear, lack of trust and a fair whack of small mindedness, fueled buy the even smaller minds of a journalist or two attempting to fill a page or two (and pretend to be relevant).

I get that to be presented at their absolute best beers need to be treated well. I also get that there are a number of retailers that don’t look after beer all that well. Beer in green bottles sitting in the front of a glass fronted fridge. Beers sitting on a hot shelf in full sun, or just near a heating vent. As for travelling across the equator in a shipping container (ah remember the cardboard flavor of Stella when it used to be an imported beer?). But there are also a bunch of retailers and exporters that can and do look after beer bloody well.

The people banging on about this “grey beer” non issue, trying to lay on a guilt trip about how by drinking these grey beers you are doing the wrong thing. Bad bad person!. For fucks sake its only beer and we are all grown ups.

Somewhere it seems to have been forgotten that there are a number of Australian beer drinkers who know what they are getting into when buying a beer that has crossed the globe. We know our beers, and the perils that may come from drinking something that has travelled or aged a bit. I am drinking a grey beer right now and its really good. Its a Dogfish Head 60 minute, and its really good. It seems particularly interesting the experts would be against shipping an IPA, a style invented to hold up to the journey from England to India. In a wooden boat. in a wooden barrel. Hmmm is this issue bullshit or not?

Did the wine industry ever suffer from this non event discussion? Really we are more pathetic than those wine guys? That sucks.

I understand the desire to control your product but once you’ve sold it out the door it belongs to the world. The small amount of high priced beer hitting the shelves in Australia is no threat to US brewers. If anything it is probably growing your market potential here. If it really gives you the shits that much send us some non grey beer (what colour would that be I wonder?).

There is a little thing called buyer beware. Since to buy beer you need to be 18 we are all grown ups. This beer is also a bit expensive and hard to find. The few of us who try them have our eyes wide open.

I will keep buying any product I want that I see on the shelf. Beer. Wine. Porn. Puppies. the list goes on. Whining try hard journo’s back in your box. Grey beers are a non event and the customer is king.

More beers of all colours for me please. Non discussion over.

Cheers D

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One thought on “Grey Import Beers – the customer is king

  1. Anonymous says:

    All cats are brown, as this exception to the rule proves.

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