5% more awesome and a sandwich review

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Just did some purely cosmetic changes to the blog. I think it is now at least 5% more awesome. As part of being awesome I am doing a bit of food blogging now as according to yesterdays Epicure section of The Age newspaper food blogs are cool. This is not a food blog but I do think being cool is important.

On to the sandwich. I went out to lunch yesterday with my ever expanding pregnant sister, this was a part thank you for moving about 15 tonnes of dirt with a shovel and wheelbarrow so they could extend a house and just a catch lunch.

We went to Trunk Bar and Resturant ( http://www.trunktown.com.au/home.html ) at 275 Exhibition st Melbourne, kind of an outside restaurant with an inside bit that I’m guessing was the fancy bit. As it was such a nice day we opted for outside bit. The menu was kind of American/Mexican influenced (actually I could be totally wrong there but that will do for now and I am the food blogger here!) quesadias, burgers and baguettes. Although the burgers sounded good (waggu) when the arrived on a table next to us I was glad I gave them a miss. Far too small of a burger for my liking. The quesadias too  looked good but I was drawn to the Cuban baguette. Pulled pork, ham, cheese, some kind of pickle and chipolte mayo. A bloody good sandwich which I recommend adding some of the green hot sauce too (not the red, tastes of nothing, no heat).

Jill had a chicken salad, apparently it was good but I wont go on about that because I really don’t know. As for drinks, Jill had a what ever the diet version of Pepsi is, I had a lemonade. Both accompanied the meals well and would be recommended to all.

There you go, %5 more awesome and a food blog totalling %10 more cool. The Trunk Cuban baguette (just call it a sandwich in a roll) was about $8.50. Do yourself a favor and try one.

Cheers D

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