Movember continued and Leonard Cohen

Entrance - Hanging Rock, Victoria, AustraliaImage via Wikipedia

So was he any good? short answer is yes.

Here is the long answer. Getting in to the concert, although largely without drama was interesting. Firstly we ignored Stu’s GPS direction computer, Karen. The map seemed to make sense but we got the wrong I exit, then Karen kept wanting to make us do u turns or big sweeping loops. We would have gotten to Hanging Rock without Karen, but the computerised bitch wouldn’t shut up and Stu seemed to like taking her directions. I wanted to turn her off.

Anyway we got there. Then we got to see the sprawling cue. Apparently people had been there for at least a couple of hours standing around in the car park. I have absolutely no idea why they would have decided to get there so early but can understand why it made them cranky. We got to see just how cranky they were when the idea of the line failed and the masses descended on the gates. We just went with the flow. I thought people would have at least been nice to Stu and Katie, they were pushing a pram with at kid. I guess 2 hours in a cue makes you cranky. Some people are just arses too.

Anyway apart from the few cranky people in the cue the crowd was mostly the 774 ABC fan club, making it the most sedate and well behaved sell out concert crowds I have ever witnessed. And there was no waiting at the bar. Obviously they over estimated how much the baby boomers were going to drink.

Now on to the music. Dan Sultan, your set was goo but a bit short. Clare Bowditch pretty good and in keeping with the chilled-outness (think I just made up a word) of the afternoon. Paul Kelly you were great as expected but I was there to hear you sing not your bloody back up singers. Some people might like to hear Vika and Linda Bull sing Paul Kelly songs. Not me. Paul was good though.

Then it was on to Leonard. I was listening to JJJ this afternoon and one of the presenters, Stephanie Hughes (I think) was talking about the concert and Cohen. She mush have done a mind reading job on me as what she said will be pretty much in line with what I’m writing now. I thought Leonard Cohen would be a miserable old bastard. He wasn’t. His voice is sad and deep but every time he spoke in between the songs he was so happy and nice. The moon came out, he told us and we all looked at it. It got cold, he hoped that we could all get a warm drink or something warming. He was just really happy to be there singing for us and the old bugger can still put on a show. And he had cartwheeling sisters for backup singers. And yes we got halelula.

So what would Leonard Cohen drink. Yes to red wine, abig Shiraz, yes to Bourbon, probably Booker, but after the show he’s probably going to sit down to a cup of tea. He seemed like a really nice bloke and puts on a show I’d recommend to anyone. If you do see him at Hanging Rock take a beanie though. Fuck it was cold at the end. Luckily for me I’d had enough to drink by the end of the show that I wasn’t really feeling it.

Now for Movember, cheers for all the donations folks, at $220 as I type. below is this mornings photo.


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One thought on “Movember continued and Leonard Cohen

  1. Kate says:

    Back when I used to make audio books for blind people, we sometimes used GPS Karen or her synthetic brother Lee for narration (much cheaper than real people). You should hear Karen say "shitake mushrooms" – it never got old.

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