Movember rolls on but not in a good way

I did movember this year because a few people I know have been diagnosed with prostate cancer this year (both treated and goin ok so far) and its also just a good charity. Mens health and looking like a prison guard are two things I care about a lot (well perhaps not the prison guard bit).

This morning I found out that another of my uncles has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Its a real fucker, and he’s not even 50 yet (just) but on the upside once you know about it you can treat it. So kicking in some cash for Movember just became a little more personal. That also means that of my 11 uncles (there are a couple I dont count) 3 have not been diagnosed with prostate cancer and none of them are brothers. Seems this prostate cancer thing is a real bitch.

So kick in some cash, the mo is with me till next Tuesday or Wednesday, not really sure when its supposed to hang around till. The links below show you where to give the cash to or just to follow through to the Movember site for more info.

And to all the random people round the world who occasionally read my blog since I dont put any adds on my website how bout making a donation. The research done will help people world wide.

This is a cause I feel strongly about and I’m asking you to support my efforts by making a donation to me. To help, you can either:

– Click this link and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account

– Write a cheque payable to Movember Foundation, referencing my registration number 724910 and mailing it to: Movember Foundation, PO Box 292, Prahran, VIC, 3181

Through the Movember Foundation and its men’s health partners, PCFA and beyondblue: the national depression initiative, Movember is funding world class research, educational and support programs which would otherwise not be possible.

For more details on the impact Movember is having please visit:

Thank you in advance for helping me to support men’s health.

Will post something more cheerful later on. Oh and the spell check seems not to be working so this will be full of spelling errors.

Darren Keating


One thought on “Movember rolls on but not in a good way

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sponsored. With all that PC in the family its time you got a finger up the date. Do that and write a blog about it and I'll chip in another $20….and call you Rodney!

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