More comments please peoples!

Just a quick one today, will put up some more stuff from last weekends brew session, the adding of tap number 2 to the magic box and of course pic’s of my seedy mo at some stage soon.

Its getting a bit hot in the office right now as in their infinite wisdom my work has decided to replace the air conditioning system in summer. It is going to be 29 on Friday, we cant open the windows and my mo is getting itchy.

Anyway I’m getting lots of people from all over the world reading my blog and I have no idea why or how you are ending up reading (or stumbling on) my ramblings. Leave me some comments, tell me how crap is it.

Anyway here is a mo photo for you. Yes its seedy, and itchy.

Cheers D

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One thought on “More comments please peoples!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jesus tough crowd. You can't even get a comment when you ask for one…..well here's a comet – its called Haley.

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