The Summe Wheat/Witt experiment

Specific Gravity of WortImage by Croixboy via Flickr

After one of the guys in the home brew shop told me that he didn’t make wheat beers because “wheat tasted sour” I decided to have a bit of a play with a whit beer recipe and prove him wrong. To do this I tinkered with a Witt beer i was planning to make, essentially adding US rather than spices and zest.

The recipe was made up of raw wheat from the silo on the folks farm, some skanky malt that’s gone slack and I really should throw out (and will throw out thanks to my Vicbrew score sheet feedback) and a bit of wheat malt I had hanging around. There was also meant to be some oats in this recipe but i forgot to throw them into the mash, making the resulting beer a little lighter in body. I mashed it at 68deg C and the beer worked nicely with no headaches despite there being a bit of stuffing around with the split wort procedure. Its not really an experiment as that would need to be repeated excetra but its as close as I can be bothered to getting to an experiment for now.

Summe Wheat/Witt
38litre batch

5.50 kg Joe White Pale Ale Malt 56.99 %
3.50 kg Raw Wheat, 36.27 %
0.50 kg Joe White Wheat Malt 5.18 %
18.00 gm Magnum [14.00 %] (60 min) Hops 19.8 IBU

To the Witt half add coriander and orange zest at 5 minutes. This half gets a witt yeast (the wyeast Belgian Witt)

To the Summe Wheat half add 15.00 gm Amarillo Gold [8.50 %] (1 min) Hops 1.7 IBU and 15.00 gm Simcoe [13.00 %] (1 min) Hops 2.6 IBU. This half got an English yeast, wyeast 1098. Then dry hop with more of the same hops to taste (about 10 grams of each for about 5 days in the keg. I drained this half into a fermenter before adding the spices and zest to the other half.

OG 1.046
FG 1.009
About 24 IBU’s

So what did I end up with? two similar looking nice clear beers that taste vastly different. I think I like the Summe wheat better, there is a bit much of the zest pithy flavour in the Witt, and it really needs the oats to round it out. The dry hopping was the trick with the Summe Wheat. And there is no sour taste. The beers also both dropped really clear, not really what I expected but it is in line with Stan Hieronymus’s book “brewing with wheat”. I like that book and it seems that Stan is on the money. The Witt yeast has had a couple of brews so I may have selected the flocking part of the yeast sample out.

Now for the name, my inner dyslexic didn’t put an r on the end of the word Summer on the keg. So its Summe wheat.

So there you have it Nik, both are ready for tasting and not sour.

Cheers D

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