ANHC gone, Melbourne Cup ariving

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Its been a big few days, having stretched my weekend out to a 5 dayer I think I’ll need a day or two off when I get back to work. So for my 5 day weekend I think I’ll cut it up day by day.
Day 1.
ANHC day 1. Presentations from a bunch of people including Randy Mosher and Gordon Strong, a whole lot of beer, and good info through out the day and a bunch of beers at Club Night. Club night was awesome (I’ll probably over use the word awesome). Big thumbs up to the guys from the Inner Circle club, excellent stand and use of the violet crumble and kumquat Randal, to Barry Cranston’s Saison and the fact that he brews under a plum tree (arguably a worse place than a wool shed) and to the girl I met that went to my old primary school, Cressy Primary School, cant remember your name but it was good to meet you all the same. I also caught up with a bunch of Brewing Network Connections, including Josh AKA who ate all the pies (hell of a nice guy) had a good yarn to Gordon Strong, my inspiration for doing the shotgun approach to putting in a bunch of beers to Vic Brew, and Chris White. Chris White is a good guy, cant get his yeast in Melbourne but were it possible I would switch straight away. Chris’s girlfriend (sorry again cant remember the name, club night!)wanted to go to “The Croft” so I volunteered to go tour guide. Thankfully I found the place without too much trouble, probably thanks to the beer compass being in full working order. I discovered 2 things about Chris, firstly don’t let him order you a beer, he got us those awful low carb abominations, secondly he loves kebabs. A man after my own heart, bit disappointed he didn’t get the lamb and chicken combo, animals do well together in kebabs. Solidarity.

Day 2.
ANHC Day 2.
Very very slow start to day. My head and body kind of hurt. A lot. So I kicked off with coffee, beroca, gatorade, more coffee, more coffee, and then at about 9.45 I had a beer in my hand. The beer probably did the best of all and once I had my second beer in me I felt a shit load better. More presentations today including some stuff on sanitisiation and cleaning – acid base overload!. My favorite bit of the day was the cooking demo from Chris Badenock (the guy from Master Chef – he was there with the girl from the show at club night , she is about a foot taller than him and is now a ranga) and Paul Mecurio. Excellent cooking presentation where everything had beer in it. They both have books on the way  I think I’ll get Chris’s. Hes always appeared to be a bit of a tool to me but the guy can cook with beer. Probably a good man to have a beer with too. I ended the day on a beer high, having a couple of pints with Dan in a seedy old man pub. I didnt go to the dinner instead settling for a quiet beer on the couch and some sleep.

Day 3.
Sunday and relax.
Woke up felt sore. Coffee Coffee Coffee. Still felt sore. Turns out I didn’t do any good in the Australian Amature Brewing Comp, The stout did better than the IPA, with the IPA being well past its used by the hops fading fast. Still I’ve learned a lot about comp brewing and brewing all together. I think there were a number of comments made along the lines of Home Brewing is the winner. That stands for me too. Timing is a big lesson I’ve learned, and probably keg the beers so you can tweak them if needed. Also stick with the shotgun approach, it is after all a game of luck to a certain extent. Well done to the winners, all good beers and worthy winners.
Spent the rest of the day just tooling around. Installed tap unmber 2 on the magic box (will do some photos later) dropped the kegs for cup day round to Duff’s (Kristen was hungover and hurting on the couch) had,  a little sample too, then had a cuppa at Ez’s with the family (and a small read of a Pearl Jam CD insert with my niece Louise) before falling on the couch and watching TV, again tired but no work tomorrow.

Day 4.
No work awesome.
Had a day of random stuff, most important was a visit to my Nana who is in hospital after an operation. Great to see she was looking really good and is heading home tomorrow. Hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, first hit of golf in a year or 2, went to the gym, put some bets on. Good day off,

Day 5.
Melbourne Cup.

Currently sitting ont the couch, typing and drinking coffee, will be off to Duff’s soon with Jugga and nes to drink beer and watch al my horses come in. Will probably be tired tomorrow.

Oh and I’ve started Movember too, no mo to speak of yet, Updates will follow

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Peace out people. Have a beer or two for the cup.

Cheers D


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