Movember Australia – Home

Movember Australia – Home: “‘G’day all, yes I’m going to do Movember no doubt at great personel cost to myself, you can figure out what that means your self. Just felt it was tiem to do something to kick some cash in for mens health. In the past 12 months a couple of people I know have been on the recieving end of prostate cancer so this is the least I can do. So the drill is I look stupid and get no action, you give some cash. Everybody wins (except me perhaps). I’ll keep the photos updated, probably on facebook and I will look bloody ordinary. Cheers D


2 thoughts on “Movember Australia – Home

  1. Kate says:

    I will only donate if your mo is either 70's porno or Hitler.

  2. Darren says:

    not sure about the German twang on the mo but I think I will end up with a porno mo regardless of what I do. Thinking something along the line of Magnum PI will be the result

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