Getting fired up for the Australian National Homebrew Conference

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With ANHC only a matter of days away its time to get a little pumped up. To do so and ensure that I am fully in the zone for the event I have been having a few IPA’s each night and kegging some beer for the cup day kegs at Duff and Kristen’s that will bookend my ANHC weekend.

It should be noted that the ANHC sales pitch is – ANHC 2010 Probably the best homebrew conference in the world. It is also the venue for the Australian National Home Brewing Competition. Fingers crossed.

This weeks IPA’s apart from my own have been some US beers from Slowbeer. Over the past couple of days have tried a few of my hero beers, beers I didn’t expect to be able to get a hold of in Australia; so far have had – Dogfish Head 60 minute (easy drinker), Stone Ruination (huge beer) and Sierra Nevada Torpedo (really nice beer, favorite so far). One thing they all have in common is a bigger aroma than I seem to be able to get right.

Apart from forcing me to take some time off that has stretched out into a 5 day weekend thanks to the Melbourne Cup holiday this is also an excuse to have beer for morning tea. As it is at Grain and Grape on a Saturday morning, drinking beer before 11am in this environment makes you an enthusiast, not an alcoholic. So the homebrewers of Australia will unite in their awesome fashion sense to talk and drink beer. No doubt many awesome things will happen and great plans will be made. Perhaps world domination will be progressed? perhaps a lot of kebabs will be eaten late at night.

So thankyou Melbourne Cup for the day off but screw the horse races, homebrew is in town! I may need to have a bet or two though.

I know that these 5 days will hurt me a fair bit so I’m stocking up on fruit, going to the gym and will have some Duvel* in the fridge for a kick start on Saturday morning after club night (12 litres of homebrew beer per person?).

For more info on ANHC go to awesome conference that may already be sold out but if you can get there (even if you need to sell a kidney or something else extreme). And just in case you didn’t know its in Melbourne at the William Anglis College, up the King St end of town. Yes that’s right, near the strippers.

Cheers D

*Duvel is an excellent hangover beer, gets you going when all else fails.

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