Bacon Vodka

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Marku this I think you will be liking.

Over a year ago I saw some stuff about bacon vodka. I like bacon and thought that turning this awesome flavor into an alcoholic beverage could only be a good idea.

Bacon makes everything better right? This is clearly demonstrated in the bacon flow chart. As you cant buy this stuff in the bottle shop I haven’t been able to try it yet (must be a vegan conspiracy) so it seems that DIY is the only way I’ll get to try it.

So I got some vodka last week, today some bacon from Andrews Small Goods and a glass jar from the dodgy bargain shop down the street. I need to note that Andrews Small Goods makes the best ham and snags in Melbourne. The bacon is pretty dam good too.

So the process, fry the bacon, let it cool add it to the vodka, age for a couple of weeks then filter out the bacon chunks to leave you with a clear bacon vodka. Perhaps Bodka is the right name, or Vacan? A few references on the net say to drain the bacon on paper towel but I’m all out so no go there. Also some say put it in the fridge, others room temp in the dark. I’ll go with the room temp option.

So I fried up the bacon (3 rashers), only problem here is that I should have cooked more so I could eat some. I let it get fairly crispy but not into full crispy crumbly mode. I let it cool then added it to 500ml of vodka in a sealable glass jar.
Straight away the vodka took on a pale yellowy tinge as the bacon fat started floating to the top of the vodka. Looks evil but in a good way.
Now I wait, 2 weeks or so and I’ll be sipping bacon vodka. I’m guesing it would go well in a bloody mary or maybe just straight up? time will tell.

Cheers D

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