Thank you Powderfinger

PowderfingerCover of Powderfinger

Powder fingers last ever tour is almost over, two shows to go I think, Ballarat and maybe Bendigo. Last night I saw them in Albury (Wodonga). I wont keep including Wodonga as we were in Albury and the whole twin city thing wears a bit thin on me.

Firstly Powderfinger rocked out. Secondly they really rocked out.

I ended up in NSW (just) watching Powderfinger thanks to Stu and Katie who live just south of the border. I’ve probably seen more live music with those two than anyone else, Port Fairy Folky, countless Meridith Music Festivals, JBT, Big Days Outs and now Powderfinger with Jet and Paul Dempsey filling the supporting role. Paul Dempsey as usual was great. Jet was surprisingly better than the last time I saw them it was at the end poverty concert a the Myer Music Bowl. I think the combination of not being paid and all the drugs they were supposed to be on may have taken the edge off their performance. No suprise but they mainly sticked to their first album songs. Good solid rocking out though.

Now on to the finger. To set the back drop we were in a circus tent on a footy ground in Albury. Me being there did no damage to the attractiveness scale of the crowd. Lets just say the twin city is not full of hotties. The food was mainly deep fried (I had a hot dog on a stick) and the beer was overpriced and rubbish (Pure Blonde, I think its a mixture of cheap vodka, light beer and soda water). It was raining and getting heavier. All that matter not the band rocked.

They did all the favorites, not to much of the newest album and went fairly heavy on Odyssey Number 5, my favorite album from their list. Every song was delivered perfectly with a bouncing crowd and pouring rain. All the special effects were in action including lasers and big TV’s but the best bit was shutting my eyes and letting the base thud through me. That and the guys going for a 4 high shoulder stack. It didn’t work but it was a valiant effort.

At the start of the concert I put in a request for My Happiness. They played it, I was happy. Thank you Powderfinger, awesome night, thanks for the music but I have one last request. If you ever do a John Farnam and do 12 last time ever tours get better beer. With the range of good beers now available in cans, and hopefully more coming surely you can make sure they do better than pure blonde in cans? get some of the james squire stuff, or maybe a cascade pale? anything but that abhorrent shit.

That’s enough of my rant, again thanks for the music, nice to see you go out on a high note.

Cheers D

PS dropped into the bridge Road Brewery this morning and have some beers to sample latter on. Had a beer there but Stu’s kid did a power spew and we had to go. Also brewing this weekend, a pale ale with some Kiwi hops, Nelson Savuin.

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