An open letter to Mr Al Gore – crumpets and the environment

Al GoreCover of Al Gore

Dear Mr Al Gore

I am writing this open letter/blog to you as you appear to be in favour of the environment. I know this because you made that movie a couple of years ago about climate change. I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet but from what I’ve heard you really think the environment is a good thing and would like everyone to do something about it (not sure that you’re helping though Mr G as you do all that flying and stuff). Anyway over breakfast this morning I had an epiphany and several coffees. The coffees were strong lattes the epiphany was about crumpets.

There were crumpets on the menu, apparently covered in gravlax, some kind of salted salmon, I really don’t know what that salted fish is doing on crumpets but I digress. Crumpets are generally round. Toasters, the chosen cooking implements for crumpets are designed for cooking square bread, or toasting it I guess. This presents a huge amount of energy being wasted with toaster energy leaking out to all the areas around the crumpet. While hybrid cars are one way of sorting out this energy over usage stuff not everyone drives or can afford one. Everyone likes crumpets and can own a toaster.

Mr Gore I put to you that you should put your considerable skills and general awesomeness towards fixing this issue. I propose two options for you;

  1. Create a hybrid crumpet toaster specifically suited for the round bakery treat that is a crumpet. Making it dual fuel or hybrid wont really help but it will help attract funding support from the greens. They seem to think hybrid stuff is good. Except for hybrid plants perhaps.
  2. Move a resolution at the UN decreeing that all crumpets be square from now on. perhaps there could be an amnesty where people could hand in their old crumpets. I’m sure Coffee Annann and Butros Butros Gallie can help.

Anyway let me know when you have made your mind up and I’ll see how I can help. Cheers Mr G.

By the way if your after a beer drop by my place. If that’s a bit to hard get a hold of a Mikkel & Menno – a wheat bock brewed with US hops. I’m having one right now. I bought this beer as it was brewed on my B’day last year. I really like the beer but its nothing like any other wheat bock I’ve had before. More an IPA with a German wheat beer backbone and a US yeast. The aroma really reminds me of one of the rouge beers, or just something big and aged, which this is 7.5 % Alc.

Nice beer, get one.

Cheers D

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