Off to the Nationals Baby!

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Hello Folks,

Right now I am a touch sore from paint ball. I work on the theory of no pain no glory. It also turns out that I play paintball like I play Halo, the best way to shoot someone is to walk out and shoot them. Taking cover is no fun. In the final game where it was you loose by either running out of paint balls or running out of pain threshold. Turns out I ran out of paint first and am dealing with that now. No doubt there will be some photos. Playing like the T 1000 in the free for all was awesome fun. The bruises will be memories that last for some time.

Now on to the Vicbrew results. I did pretty good even if I do say so myself, below are the results, the scores are out of 150. Basically anything over 100 is pretty good
1. Californian Common Larger – 89
2. Blonde Ale – 60.5
3. American Pale Ale – 100.5
4. American IPA – 2 Foot Tex IPA 116 1st place for IPA. Off to the nationals
5. Oatmeal Stout – 64
6. Foreign Extra stout – 112 3rd place in Strong Stout – Off to the nationals
7. Russian Imperial Stout – 97.5
8. Smoked Porter – 85
9. American Brown Ale – 98
10. Belgian Triple – St Muggery Tripple. 118.5 5th and my highest score.
11. Belgian Double – St Pardo Doubble. 87.8
12. Oak aged coffee bourbon infused stout – 83.5
So there we go. I’m off to the nationals with 2 beers and fucking stoked. The stout will hold up well in the bottle but I’m worried that the IPA will be past its prime by the Australian national homebrew comp but i don’t have time to rebrew it. Will have a pint with Dan tomorrow night and see if more dry hops are the go??? Bit nervous about being in the nationals but overall happy that people seemed to like a couple of my beers. Bit disappointed with my tripple, still think its one of the best beers I’ve made in a long time, and the US brown ale, having one right now and its awesome. Also think the smoked porter may have been an under carbonated one, that batch has been a bit up and down. Anyway below is me pre paint ball enjoying a 2 foot tex IPA.




2 thoughts on “Off to the Nationals Baby!

  1. Darren says:

    who are you anonymous??

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