The Cider Experiment

Murray's signImage by Max Sparber via Flickr

Hello trendsetters,

With the catters no longer being part of the finals race and my entries in VicBrew all sitting somewhere waiting to be judged I have some time on my hands. There is work and more beer to be brewed (next kegs due for Cup Day at Duff’s) but I have been talking for some time about making some cider. It seems that myself and cider have something in common. Chicks dig both, so it only makes sense that we should both exist in the same Yarraville flat.

Firstly when referring to cider in my mind it always sounds like its been spoken by some old English bloke who may or may not be poaching pheasants. So please pronounce it Cieederrrrr or something of the like.

In deciding to make cider I did some research. Many years ago I made a batch of cider from a kit purchased from Cole’s in Hamilton. It didn’t really taste like apples. So to make cider apparently you get some appropriate apples, wait until they are ripe, crush them and depending on the style press out the juice straight away or some time latter. The juice then ferments away and you have cider. The french and English make different styles of ciders. Perhaps french ciders smell more and cant fight. That’s made up.

Since I live in an inner city flat and have no apple trees I took another path to achieving cider. I went to Cole’s. 1 3 litre bottle of preservative free, no sugar added apple juice, 1 850ml can of pear juice, again no preservatives and no added sugar, some yeast nutrient and 1 packet of dry champagne yeast. Place it all in a 5litre jug (see the picture, that’s a pint of 2 Foot Tex IPA next to it) and wait. Not sure how this one will taste, perhaps cidery?. It will most be about a 5% ABV apply tasting drink, not sure that it will be a good thing though. However as requested by Seg and Kristen I will figure this shit out. Probably should track down some fresh juice from the Beechworth apple juice place that Stu talks up. That can happen later on.

No idea how this will come out. If its half as good as my 2 Foot Tex IPA which I am drinking right now people will name a mountain after me. That’s not going to happen though. The IPA is fucking good though. As is the Janets Brown Ale in keg no. 2 in my fridge. As I have switched the kegs over I will get a 50/50 IPA brown ale. May be the birth of a new style. Again, that’s not going to happen. 
OK just got myself the IPA brown ale combo, I think the brown ale wins that battle for flavour, but the IPA is still there and doing nothing bad at all.
So you want to have a hoppy beer like I’m drinking? well if your hard enough (and I doubt it) get your hands on a Murray’s Icon 2 IPA. The beer is awesome and Murray is a crazy ranting dude who sticks it to the big brewers who give him the shits by trying to force his beers out to be replaced by shit like Peroni (awesome you have imported Italy‘s VB – fucking awesome – toolbags). Anyway you can buy Murray’s beer but not mine so till I’m on the shelf enjoy his beer and tell him he is awesome (he’s on facebook – Murray’s brewing)
Later people, beer to drink, thank fuck its Friday tomorrow.
Cheers D
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