Judgement day approaches

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Judgement day approaches, both for the Catters tonight against the evil Pies, and for my humble beers in VicBrew, the Victorian home brew competition, that will be dropped off tomorrow for judging in the 1st week of October.

Beers are for VicBrew, competition, the qualifying comp for the national comp. I am entering off the top of my head with a bit of a commentary, I cant remember what category they are all in but its something like this

1. Californian Common Larger – I’ve never actually had one of these so dont’ know if I’ve hit the style on the head or not. Suspect I haven’t but I still like the beer.

2. Blonde Ale – Dad’s Tasteless Blonde. Brewed this one for Dad when he requested a beer with a bit less flavor. All in all a nice beer.

3. American Pale Ale. My regular pale ale, had a couple last night and its actually a bit disappointing. Not expecting big things here

4. American IPA – 2 Foot Tex IPA. Named after Stu and Katie’s midget. Awesome beer, over 300g of hopps in a 23 litre batch giving a calculated 80+ IBU’s. Basically a shit load of citrusy hops that is verry drinkable.

5. Oatmeal Stout. OK beer but may have been in the bottle a little longer than was needed to be in its prime.

6. Foreign Extra stout. Actually brewed as an oatmeal stout but it is a little to big for the category so I put it here. Really like this beer, big and chocolaty.

7. Russian Imperial Stout. My 3rd ever batch of all grain brewed about 4 years ago. Only 2 bottles left. its a 9% stout by the way.

8. Smoked Porter. Awesome beer but it seems the guys doing the category stuff for the entries have missed out on the smoked beer category? good beer but needs a style home – c’mon judges, do the right thing.

9. American Brown Ale. AKA Janets Brown ale. Thank you Mr McDole for the recipe. Awesome red/brown beer with 70+ IBU’s. really like this beer.

10. Belgian Triple – St Muggery Tripple. 9% beer but very easy drinking, hence the name, it sneaks up on you. High hopes here.

11. Belgian Double – St Pardo Doubble. about 7 or 8% dark Belgian beer with Candi sugar and figs. Named after my then brewing partner, Sal and Crackers big girl of a great dane, Pardo

12. Oak aged coffee bourbon infused stout. This was a keg that I kept adding things two when I was drunk. Get home, shot of Bourbon for me, shot for the keg. Get home add some oak, etc. Very interesting beer.

Anyway that’s my beers, will need to start brewing for Dazzapalooza soon.

Fingers crossed for the catters and my beers please people.

Cheers D

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