Thank you Mr Cabbage

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Thank you Mr Cabbage for espousing the virtues of arranged marriage. I may be 33 and not married but your are a douche bag. Yes a douche bag. That’s right douche bag, the only word that nearly rhymes with touche’. Not that the rhyming thing really matters.

As everyone knows having an over opinionated cabby is a regular occurance in Melbourne. Actually it happens so fucking often that its beyond funny, but it is still preferred to the “its my first day as cab, you can show me” option. Still it is not an awesome thing to have an Indian cabby tell you that your life would be better if your mum picked your wife. Not fucking likely my friend!

This naive bastard needs to spend some time amongst the people I had dinner with. The Australian Wool Industry. This industry would buy you dinner, find you a wife, tell you that you were an arse then eat it’s own head. Perhaps then it would organise your divorce form the horrible wedding it had organised before telling you that you had made a bad call on your wife.

So what is worse, over opinionated cabby or the wool industry. As i have yet to see a cabby eat its own head I can not make a true or fair comparison. All i can say is the wool industry is more likely to give me a beer and less likely to see me married to a goat headers daughter from the northern province.

I therefore like the wool industry a whole lot better, even though their choice of beers at the “wool industry event of the year” could have been better. And here’s the segway Souly. The beers at the dinner were pretty pedestrian, on the way to the dinner I did however sample Otway Estate’s Black IPA. The term Black India Pale Ale does not sit well with me. Something that is black can not also be pale. The beer however was quite tasty but not a world beater. I think they called it a panther. It was not a liger, that’s a cross between a tiger and a lion. I might brew a liger. It would kick the shit out of a panther.

It is disappointing that brewers who I am pretty sure lover hops and malt, would see fit to not put heaps of both in a beer that should showcase both, however stupid the name is, black pale, its like Michael Jackson. He was good when he was just black but then as he became pale he went pale. I’m not sure that there is anything in that for any of us.

If you want a hoppy dark ale make Tasty McDole’s Janets Brown Ale. Its dark enough, and way hoppy enough to satisfy anyone who likes beer. Let stouts be stouts, and IPA’s be fucking hoppy.

Peace out bitches, and Mr cabbage go away!

Cheers D

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2 thoughts on “Thank you Mr Cabbage

  1. Anonymous says:

    The segway!! vely implesive grasshopper

  2. Darren says:

    havent used the word segway for a while, I'll have to tell Seg she got a mention!

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