Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat TeepeeImage by Just a Prairie Boy via Flickr

As per the request of Soulman I would like to let you all know about a chance meeting on the Friday night train home from the footy.

Following the dismal end to the footy (Geelong V St Kilda) on Friday night, always sad when the game is decided by the umpires whistle, ah but I’m digressing, I caught the train home. The carriage was mainly full of unhappy Catters supporters who like me had no real idea why the umpire gave the game destroying decision that he did discussing among other things how shit the umpire was and in general how everyone hates Collingwood.

In amongst all this a backpacker from Canada got into the conversation. She’d perhaps had a couple too many at a backpacker bar in South Melbourne but was going to the footy the following night and was after any ideas on what to expect for her first game of AFL. We got talking about nothing at all (did I mention that she was hot?) and I asked her where she was from in Canada? Alberta she replied. Yep been there, where abouts? near Calgary. Yep been there where abouts. Out east of Calgary. Yep been there where exactly? you wont have heard of it  place called Medicine Hat. I replied – its a shit hole with a giant metal Teepee right? yep I’ve been there.

Had I not been able to comment that it was a shit hole with a giant metal tepee I doubt she would have believed that I’d actually been there. She did ask me why, and when I said I was on holidays and it seemed like a good idea she again asked why? That was the exact same question that the Medicne Hat locals asked myself, Big Mick and Soulman when we were there back in 2002 (at least that’s when I think I was there, cant remember – Mick Souly?????).

It seems that everyone in Medicine Hat knows that there’s is nothing to do there and no reason to visit, except perhaps to watch a double header of Days of Thunder and Top Gun drinking Rye and coke in the motel. Just make sure if you visit Medicine Hat that your motel has fully stocked vending machines.

So Medicine Hat as reviewed by the Lonely Planet sounded ok but I’m pretty sure they didnt actually go there (if you doubt me check out the Lonely Planet web site , it bags the  joint out). I went there and had a good time but really its a shit hole, dont go there. Stay home and have a beer instead unless you really like giant metal tepees (really what the fuck is it there for???), watching Tom Cruise Movies in a motel and getting asked by the locals “no seriously why are you here??”

There you go Souly, It has been written.

Cheers D

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4 thoughts on “Medicine Hat

  1. Anonymous says:

    2003 – no one in town knew why we were there….no one in town could tell you anything interesting. I can see why she wanted out, but….why Melbourne???

  2. Darren says:

    2003, why thankyou Poida. And the answer she found was Melbourne cos its where all the cool people hang out, even the ones from the M Hat

  3. Doug Bail says:

    Medicine Hat is a shithole worse than the toilet scene from Trainspoting. A cross between Deliverance and Salem’s Lot, filled with inbred huckleberries squatting on huge natural gas reserves.

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