Like a bastard

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Its raining like a bastard. To all the poor little lambs that are feeling the cold, hang in there little ugg boots to be.

I’ve had a productive day doing random stuff that included all the things I haven’t been doing for the past few weeks, like buying vegetables and vacuum cleaner bags. Managed to do some more interesting things in between that though like bottling some pale ale that has that most magnificent combination of malt and hops that only beer can deliver.

Beer is awesome when you let it be. Every grain of malt and hop flower wants to be awesome beer yet so many people stand in the way of them. Mainly the people blocking the grain and flower progressing to awesomeness are industrial macro swill producing breweries. Sometimes it is bad home brewers.

Never hold anything against the home brewers, they are trying and some people will just always be bad at making beer. I myself cannot make (or eat) tofu. Some people would call this a failing. I think it makes me a better person.

You can hold a grudge against the big brewers who make bad beers and know it. There is no excuse. Bad big brewer! and while I’m ranting – fucking thieving umpires. The catters were robbed last night. Still in an ordinary mood over that. Bastards, hope their houses flood.

Anyway tonight I made myself some ceviche and have had a few pints of my American Brown Ale – AKA jannets Brown. Not to sure that they go brilliantly but independently they are both awesome. So is the King Island cheese that i will be eating soon. Again it may not go with the beer I’m drinking right now but I’ll survive.

That’s it for now, fathers day tomorrow so weather and road closure permitting might buy the old man a beer.

Cheers D

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