World Domination!!!

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World domination through good beer was discussed at a highly secretive meeting last night in North Melbourne. Secret so far as there were 3 guys sitting in a bar talking about starting a brewery (maybe) and in walked the committee of the of the Australian National Homebrew Conference for a planning meeting. So we may not have gotten away with the secret part of the meeting. We did however have a beer or two and discuss great things. Possibly this is a meeting of some of the worlds greatest minds. The odds of that are however very small.

Apart from learning more than I needed to about Nik (and getting him shitfaced) I got to sample bridge Road Brewery’s braggot – Megachile Pluto braggot. This 10% ABV Belgian twang braggot (a beer with honey) was low on the carbonation and had a sweet Belgian double like taste to it. The 10% ABV was of course the reason for Nik getting so hammered. At $10 a schooner that is value for money booze. The best thing about it for a beer that big was there was no hot alcohol, a bit phenolic initially but none of those boozy headache causing alcohol that I’m really not a fan of. I cant really recommend anything to go with this beer, perhaps a blue cheese, they work with big dark beers. Or crumpets, I like honey on my crumpets so maybe the honey in this beer is the perfect match for hole filled breakfast pastry.

Back to my beers I’ve kegged and added the final dose of dry hops to my IPA. Despite all the hops and calculated IBU of 85ish this is a beer that I can drink warm and flat from the fermenter. Perhaps my internal hop meter is broken or I could have hit the magic balance point. Wait till the bubbles are in the beer and we will know.

All there is to do now is finnish my beer, eat something and get ready to watch the Catters flog St Kilda tomorrow night. Go Catters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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