Meatball sandwich recomendations for the top end of Collins Street

Vietnamese Breakfast in Springvale - close-upImage by avlxyz via Flickr

It turns out I like meatball sandwiches, and why not I say they are indeed a good thing. I like meatballs and sandwiches so it makes sense that they would be good friends.

Following a write up in Saturdays Age I tried out the Middle Eastern meatball sandwich from “Mamma’s Boy” on Little Collins Street. A bloody good sandwich all in all but I’m not sure that it can match it with the Vietnamese Pork meatball roll from the “N Lee bakery” about a block up Little Collins Street . Both rate high on the awesome scale. The awesome scale goes from 0 to Awesome. Very subjective but effective none the less.

I will now try and split the two. The Middle Eastern meatball sandwich from Mamma’s boy is bigger, contains parsley and cheese, and comes toasted, the pork meatball roll is cheaper (only $5, best value sandwich in Melbourne) and has a dose of chili and coriander and a bunch of nameless but good stuff (really I don’t know whats in it). I think a good compromise would be the Vietnamese meatballs in the Middle Eastern size sandwich at the Vietnamese price. That would probably just lead to more fat bastards though.

Both are truly excellent examples of why sandwiches are so awesome. Eat one or both and your day will be better. There is no doubting of this. To top all this they are both within a 2 minute walk from my office.

If I were to have a beer with these sandwiches I would probably go for a Belgian Witt or a coopers sparkling. Both fairly clean beers but with a bit of fruitiness to compliment the spices in the sandwiches. I will be brewing a Witt in the coming months so might bring one in to have with a Mamma’s boy or N Lee sandwich.

Cheers D

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