IPA – Union Jack Clone from CYBI

The Union Jack with a white border.Image via Wikipedia

I’ve still got this bloody cold and its really giving me the shits, however the hop aroma from the beer below will cut through any cold or flu. This beer has more hops in the flame out addition than I put in my US pale recipe. Still the unfermented wort was actually pretty tasty and not at all as harsh as I expected for something topping 80 IBU’s

So the recipe below is for this weekends IPA, sitting in the fermenter right now, the Union Jack recipe from the Brewing Network’s Can you Brew It Show. Basically it has a gutload of hops.

Actual OG 1065 (bit lower than the target of 1070) for a 23litre batch with a calculated IBU of 82.

For yeast I used the Wyeast 1098 British Ale

83% Pale Ale Malt

10% Munich

5% Carapils

2% Simpson’s Crystal

Mash at 64 for 60 minutes with a teaspoon of gypsum

25 gm Warrior at 70 min

18 gm Centennial at 30 min

18 gm Cascade at 30 min

52 gm Centennial at Flameout, steep 20 min

52 gm Cascade at Flameout, steep 20 min

Dry Hop #1 – 3 days in primary at end of fermentation

44 gm Centennial

44 gm Cascade

Dry Hop #2 – 3 days

30 gm Centennial

30 gm Cascade

14 gm Amarillo

14 gm Simcoe

Better do some work now. Would rather be brewing.
Cheers D


2 thoughts on “IPA – Union Jack Clone from CYBI

  1. Batty says:

    Very good Mex!!!!!!!

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