Brewing today and maybe tommorow depending on the sheep

Off to the farm to brew my US pale ale today, and weather and sheep permitting I’ll be brewing a US IPA tomorrow. The weather permitting bit is due to my brew house also being the shearing shed and if we have dry sheep it will be otherwise occupied as the shearers lunch room. The other twist in this is I’m still dosed by some lingering bits of a cold that is really giving me the shits, so brewing or not there may not be any me at work tomorrow. Brewing with a thick head, ok, sitting in an office? na.

So today’s beer is my US pale ale, an amber coloured beer hopped with Chinook and Cascade, my own recipe that I started brewing after having the wrong hops one day. Tomorrows (if it happens) is a US IPA from the Brewing Networks Can You Brew it show – the Union Jack recipe. Looking forward to this one as it has a gut load of hops in it, over 340 grams in a 23 litre batch by the time all the dry hopping is done. I  guess I should put the recipes here but I actually need to get on the road so I can get the beer made.

Speaking of lots of hops I tried my Janets Brown Ale last night (another BN recipe) bloody awesome, the centennial really shines through in this beer. My Smoked porter is however disappointing, the carbonation has not worked properly and is pissing me off a bit, cant figure out what I’ve fucked up but may just unbottle the lot into a keg and gas it up. very annoying.

Time to go brew.

Cheers D

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