to brew or not to brew? that is the question

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After being in Canberra for the last 2 days I am finally back in the office but have a cold. I have the recipe for my American Pale ale sitting in front of me but am debating ordering the grain with myself as since I feel like crap and may not brew this weekend. I also have to go to Cairns for work next week flying out at 6.10 AM on Monday. Yea me and my wonderful schedule, still it will be warm there.

I really want to brew my pale this weekend to have it good to go for VicBrew but it might have to be a double brew next weekend with an IPA on the brew schedule too. Would be such a shame to brew and not be able to smell all the hop aromatics floating off the kettle.

I did get a good dose of hop aromatics last night though. I added a dose of Centennial to the American Brown I have fermenting now, its about half way through the ferment right now with still enough krausen to let the dry hops kind of float on the foam above the beer. The grapefruit/citrus smell of the Centennial filled the spare room though. Need to bottle that smell of hops breaking free of the little green pellets.

When my taste buds come back I’m looking forward to trying my smoked porter and cal common. I get back from Cairns Thursday so that may be the tasting session.

So probably no brewing this weekend but double the brewing fun next week. I was hoping that the cold and flu drugs would have helped but I think the chemist gave me the “new formula” ones with out the good stuff that bikers make speed out of. They don’t work. On Canberra I do have to say it is a hole, but in general a nicer place with no politicians.

Since I’m not brewing someone please brew something for me.

Cheers D

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