Brewing and pressing wool

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G’day trendsetters,

It was my Dads birthday yesterday so I used the trip home to fit in some brewing as well as all the birthday wishes stuff.  Apart from spilling some hops and some of my first runnings had a pretty good day. As I mostly brew in the wool shed one of the occasional jobs that fits into my brew day is woolshed related work. Last brew day I ended up on the handpiece dagging a few sheep, yesterday I did a little bit of wool pressing. Nothing two stressful, just enough to distract me and have a bit of wort overflow (hope the shearers don’t mind having a sticky floor in their kitchen/my brew room).

Yesterday also gave me a chance to try out my new refractometer, basically a lens that lets you check the gravity of your wort without having to cool a sample. Magnificent invention, don’t know how I ever got by without it in the past. Thanks to the refractometer I was able to sort out the little mishap of the spilt first runnings and make sure that my version of Tasty McDole’s Janet’s Brown Ale should be on the money.

24 litres of hoppy brown ale is currently fermenting away in my spare room as I type. It seems that my current process of brewing the beer then having it bounce around the back of my car for 150km is having a beneficial effect on the aeration and resultant ferments of my brews. All in all a good thing but I would prefer to be able to walk out to the back shed and put a batch on still it will do for now. Anyone want to lend me a million bucks for a brewery?? ah well there’s always Powerball.

More brewing in the coming weeks if I can fit it in, want to get a few more batches lined up for the upcoming Victorian State Home brewing contest, VicBrew. Entries are due on September 19 so I have a few more weeks to get some more beers in the bottle ready to go. The triples I did a months or so are tasting great, and the smoked porter and Cal common are coming along nicely, and with the timing I think I’ll have time for an IPA or 2 and perhaps a Witt. We’ll see how the schedule goes with the footy, work trips and other social stuff I’m supposed to do.

One of the social things is the Taste of Melbourne – I picked up some free tickets thanks to Prickly Moses Handcrafted Beer, who I gather will be there serving beer. If you make it to Taste of Melbourne drop by Prickly Moses and try one of their funky euro style beers.

Cheers D

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