too much coffee? na I’m just hardcore

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I was feeling a bit tired this morning and apparently I looked it. Going for my mid morning coffee a colleague commented “Gee you look tired”. Fair enough, to deal with that I’ll get more coffee put in my coffee.

I ordered my usual, a takeaway double long machiato in whatever bean of the month they have at the time (its Brazilian at the moment). To deal with my tiredness I asked for the caffeine to be dialed up a bit. This apparently meant another shot.

As I get my coffee at Crema each morning they are used to my large long mac, however today the barista asked me “You sure? That will make 5 shots of coffee?” I replied “yes, I’m tired”. You’re hardcore was the response. 

So apparently my regular mid morning coffee (not my first of the day) has 4 shots in it, and adding 1 more makes me hard core. People have suggested to me that perhaps I’m drinking too much coffee? I think not. I drink just the right amount. I really don’t get the whole cutting out caffeine thing, why deprive yourself of such a nice drug, especially when coffee tastes so good when done propperly?

My 5 shot coffee (with assistance from a few cups of tea) has got me through the day so far but since I’m off to Beer Deluxe tonight for a couple of beers perhaps I’ll need a 6 shot coffee and a bigger cup tomorrow.

Cheers DK

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