Big Belgians, meat pies and UFC

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Happy Friday everyone,

About a month ago I brewed a couple of big Belgian beers, Triples to be exact, aiming for something along the lines of a Westmalle. Up until last night I hadn’t tasted them so before heading off to my little sisters place for dinner I put a couple of bottles into the fridge to chill down for a tasting session.

After fighting the traffic to get myself across Punt road, enjoying a steak, a couple of beers and a strange absence of my 1yr old niece dancing and shouting in her own language something about her toys I trudged back across the westgate bridge to try my Belgian creations.

The only difference between the beers was the yeast, one had the strain used in Duvell, the other a Belgian Witt strain. Both beers are around 10% alc, hopped with Sazz, with the fermentables coming from mainly pilsner malt and good old table sugar with a hint of Melanoidin and wheat malt. Both beers pour with a big fluffy white head sitting on a highly carbonated yellow/straw covered beer.

On the TV in the background of these two bright sparkling beers I have two blokes belting the living shit out of each other in a UFC match. The brutality of the ultimate fighting is perhaps not the best match for the delicate nature and monastic history of the Trappist style beers but I like both of them.

I’m pleased with both beers, probably leaning towards the one with the Duvell yeast strain, its lighter in body and a little less fruity on the nose. Both will pass though. My tasting session is interrupted though as one the UFC guys ends up in a headlock and then proceeds to spurt blood like tomato sauce over a meat pie four and twenty pie.a couple of big Belgian beers after the fight to get himself feeling human again.

Speaking of pies I think I might have one for lunch today, possible with a Belgian beer if I can work some magic on finding that combo.

So since you cant get my home brew go get yourself a Westmalle Triple, it will definitely be more enjoyable than getting beaten up in a cage fighting match but have too many and your head may feel like you have been the next day.

Cheers D

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