I’m an arse

Nope not explaining why, just accept that I am. Some things that need to be said (by me) are best left unsaid (by me). I’d just like to leave it as a mate described it to me “you were handed a shit sandwich” there was no as they call it at work “win win situation”. So far this blog contains far too much punctuation, and it will stop here (unless I have got the definition of punctuation wrong). It is also now containing far too many commas. I will stop this now.

On top of being handed the shit sandwich today I had a crappy day in a long meeting that was preceded by the trains not running which meant i had to drive to work to be at my crappy 8.30 AM start meeting. Awesome town. To top that all off as a reward for not having trains today we apparently get free public transport this Friday. That does wonders for my monthly train ticket and parking bill.

What I needed today was a few hours of brewing but it was not to be. Instead I grabbed a 6 pack of White Rabbit White Ale and made some dodgy fridge pasta. Fridge pasta was good but what was White Rabbit thinking? Pale Fizzy Clear lacking of flavour. They really shouldn’t have bothered, apparently there is honey in this beer, cant taste anything other than fizz and yellow. It is bottle conditioned, something I like but still Mr White Rabbit, you can do better.

So my verdict on White Rabbit White Ale? it is better than a shit sandwich but not better than fridge pasta.

I hate my job.

Cheers D


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