number 1

My name is Darren and I’m a beer nerd.

I have come to terms with the fact that I spend a fair bit too much time thinking, drinking, talking, brewing, reading, dreaming and generally being excited about beer. My friends and family have come to terms with this (sort of) and understand that it is the thing that makes me tick. No I am not an alcoholic, but by the terms set by the fun stoppers I may drink more than they say is healthy, however I also have bugger all chance of ever being the BMI the skinny buggers would have you believe I should be (unless I have a leg cut off).

I like beer and am willing to go to great lengths to get to beer that is awesome. I also make beer finally using the biochemistry and microbiology that kicked my arse through uni. I also use a concoction of buckets, burners and random balancing things that look nothing like a brewery to make beer in a wool shed in Western Victoria. Right now I am kicked out as Dad is shearing the sheep.

I have now realised that I need to be a brewer and not continue with my boring job. As it is boring I wont bore you with it. Needless to say it is boring and I wear a suit. This is not the real me.

I dream of brewery is me needing a brewery, working towards a brewery, and generally ranting about beer and other stuff that I think of.

hope you like reading this, tell me if its shit.




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